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ilearnngrow DIY Lantern


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Celebrate the spirit of Diwali with our “Make Your Own Lantern” Kit – the perfect gift for kids that brings the joy of creativity and festivity together! This delightful kit allows kids to craft their very own lantern, adding a personal touch to their Diwali celebrations.

Key Features:

A3 Size Outline Sheet: Our kit includes an A3 size outline sheet that provides a sturdy base for crafting the lantern. The outline makes it easy for kids to assemble their creation.
Vibrant Tissue Papers: Choose from an array of vibrant colored tissue papers to add a burst of color to the lantern. Let imagination run wild as kids mix and match to create a unique design.
Crafting Essentials: The kit comes complete with essential crafting tools including scissors and glue, ensuring kids have everything they need to bring their lantern to life.
Decorative Touches: Add flair to the lantern with white and gold polka dot washi tape, decorative stickers, and lace for hanging. These elements allow kids to personalize their lantern and make it truly special.

Creative Expression: This kit encourages imaginative play and allows kids to express themselves through art and crafting.

Design Your Lantern:
Use the colored tissue papers to fill in the outline. Kids can choose their own patterns and color combinations to create a unique design.
Assemble the Lantern:
Follow the outline to cut and fold the sheet into a lantern shape. Use glue to secure the edges in place.
Decorate with Flair:
Use the provided washi tape, stickers, and lace to add decorative elements and personal touches to the lantern.
Display with Pride:
Once complete, hang or display the lantern in a prominent place to showcase the artistic masterpiece! Note: Adult supervision may be required, especially when using scissors and glue.

Let your child’s creativity shine this Diwali with our “Make Your Own Lantern” Kit. Watch as they proudly display their handcrafted creation, adding a special touch to your festive decorations.

A3 size Outline Sheet

Colored tissue papers, Scissors, Glue, White & Gold Polka Dot Washi Tape, Decorative stickers, Lace to hang

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