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BrainCells Early Brain Stimulation Box | 0-1 Years | Magical Beginnings | Nurturing Curiosity

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Early Brain Stimulation Kit, specially designed for babies aged 0 to 1 year


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Introducing our extraordinary Early Brain Stimulation Box, a remarkable learning resource meticulously created to offer your newborn the perfect starting point for their extraordinary journey of growth and development. Inside this magical box, you’ll find a treasure trove of milestone-driven toys, designed to engage and inspire your baby’s budding skills.

Our captivating and interactive flashcards are specially crafted to boost their intelligence and foster their developing mind. With the included structured instruction guide, you can seamlessly embark on exciting activities with your little one. Give your baby the best possible beginning with our Early Brain Stimulation Box and set them on the path to brilliance!

Discover the Extraordinary Delights Inside!

  • 52 High Contrast Cards from simple to intricate patterns help to stimulate your baby’s visual senses and enhance their attention span.
  • 100 Dot Cards from 1 to 100 unstructured red dots develop their ability to perceive any quantity till 100 without counting them.
  • 5 Mathematical Operational Sign Cards paired with dot cards create a dynamic and engaging learning experience, setting a strong foundation for mathematical reasoning and deduction in early years.
  • 9 Dot Card Tracker sheets are a recommended weekly curriculum for the Braincells Dot card Program.
  • 60 categories of Bit Cards foster their encyclopaedic knowledge and introduce your little one to the world around them.
  • 38 categories of Word Cards ignite your baby’s journey of language acquisition, word identification, and articulation in an efficient and effective manner.
  • 5 Milestone-driven Toys are the perfect companion to stimulate their developing brain and senses during their exciting journey of growth and discovery.
  • 12 Milestone Tracker Cards help you cherish your baby’s incredible progress every month in their first year.
  • App Access to a variety of engaging and interactive activities with easy-to-follow guides will surely make their learning experience more pleasurable and seamless.


Our Box, Your Newborn’s Best Friend!

As your baby grows, our cherished box becomes an irreplaceable companion, weaving extraordinary moments that deepen your bond and nurture skills essential to their holistic development. Together, you embark on a journey where every giggle, milestone, and discovery forms an unbreakable connection etched in your hearts.

Through captivating flashcards, their photographic memory flourishes, concentration, and attention span sharpen and ignites your baby’s encyclopedic knowledge. But that’s not all! Their language skills bloom as they learn to communicate, their fine motor skills refine as they explore with their tiny hands, and their reasoning and problem-solving abilities thrive as they engage in interactive play. The magic of our box creates a must-buy experience, nurturing their cognitive, social, and emotional growth, while deepening their treasured relationship.


Why Our Toys Are the Perfect Companion for Your Newborn?

Immerse your little one in a world of wonder with our expertly crafted toys, thoughtfully designed with love by our team of dedicated paediatric physiotherapists. Every aspect of our toys has been carefully considered to provide a safe and stimulating experience for your precious child. As you witness their development unfold, you’ll be captivated by the awe-inspiring sight of their blossoming creativity, their sharpening analytical and logical thinking, and their remarkable problem-solving skills taking centre stage. Each toy is meticulously crafted to engage their senses, ignite their imagination, and foster their cognitive growth. From vibrant colours to tactile textures, from interactive features to engaging elements, our toys are carefully selected to facilitate their learning journey in the most delightful way possible. Trust in the expertise of our team and the enchantment of our toys as you create cherished memories and nurture your child’s endless potential.

Product Description : 

Material : Our non-toxic premium flash cards, with a matte finish and rounded corners, are designed with love for their precious hands, ensuring a joyful and safe learning experience.

Product Dimension : 

  • High Contrast Cards, Dot Cards and Bit Cards : 8.2 inches (L) X 5.8 inches (W)
  • Words Cards : 4 inches (L) X 11 inches (W)







Customers reviews

12 Reviews Write a review
  1. Lavina Sona

    I was always wondering what activities I shall do with my baby being at home for last 2-3 months since birth of my baby. BrainCells 1 year kit provided all that I needed. I have joined their program as well. Community is super cool. Kudos !

  2. Ankita R

    Reviewing after a month of usage. Perfect kit which goes along with the BrainCells 0-1 learning program. It’s easy to understand and perform all the activities and also BrainCells team is supportive to help through the process if required. Cards are superb and quality of all material is great. Happy to buy !

  3. Maria Rosario

    I am able to spend productive time with my baby now and baby is also showing lot of interest in all the kit activities.

  4. fatima shaikh

    flashcards quality is great. touch feel mat was stuck with the toy when it came to me.

  5. Nishi Singh

    Variety of flash cards and activities is great some are tough but all in all a good pack to have

  6. Vishakha Gurija

    Product is very good and value for money … cards are like thick papers… thank you for this combo activity kit…..

  7. Reema Goyal

    The best kit 🙂

  8. Sujatha S M

    this is one of the best kits available for holisitic development. loved all the activities. Quality of the material is also really great.

  9. Nidhi Shukla

    Received package right on time. I was in a hurry I am planning to go back to the US. But good that I ordered. Now once I am back in US me and baby can have a lot great time together.

  10. Neha

    All in one package loved it for my baby , he performs all the activities well

  11. Shweta

    All in one package loved it for my baby , he performs all the activities well

  12. Shweta

    All in one package loved it for my baby , he performs all the activities well

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