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BrainCells Dinomite activity box for 3-6 year old kids l Learning & educational kit

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Playful dino activity kit that stimulates the brain, enhances learning and nurtures skills.
For kids of age 3-6 years, it helps in visual perception, sequencing, pattern identification, logical reasoning, inquisitiveness.
Weight 890 kg
Dimensions 34.70 × 33 × 8.6 cm

Customers reviews

136 Reviews Write a review
  1. sanskriti

    Good product. Useful for kids. My boy enjoying and learning at the same time.

  2. atul

    It’s cute and really useful for ur toddlers..

  3. mohini

    Works flawlessly
    Good built

  4. riddima

    Its perfect for learning and entertainment

  5. Neha

    Amazing educational toy for kids. Great deal for the price

  6. Nikhil

    Product is Amazing really good for my baby girl

  7. Jap

    Engaging games for my kids

  8. Neha

    Product is Educational

  9. Nitesh

    Product is good but delivery got a bit delayed still happy with the product

  10. Jitu

    My kid does not prefer to see screen after getting this kit

  11. Tejasa

    Kit has 14 activities that works amazing for my kids

  12. Anshu

    Excellent Product

  13. Rahul

    Good Product

  14. Sumit

    Very good kit that allows kids to learn by experimenting.

  15. Satish

    Easy to use materials. Very interesting for children

  16. Kartik

    Super product..

  17. Nayan

    PERFECT this is what I was looking for, recommend 100% – easy age age-appropriate, nice gift for upcoming scientist, don’t think buy!!!

  18. Yogesh

    It is quite amazing while doing experiments.

  19. Jay

    Good Product. Worth Buying

  20. Monica

    Nice product….in affordable price

  21. Bhavin

    Good for kind to learn and experience for kids

  22. Janice

    Bigger box than expected. Delivery fast. Hope my friend’s daughter will love it. It looks very fun. Wrapped it up before I remember I need to take photos! But it’s off good quality for this brand. I just know it

  23. Alok

    children liked it. Thanks

  24. Shikhar

    Nice product easy to understand and use

  25. Hetal

    Nice… kids like it

  26. Ashish

    Very children are enjoying

  27. Vishwanath

    This product is helpful for children creativity and development skills, so am gave five ⭐ rate.

  28. Shweta

    Awesome Product for kids

  29. Dhruv

    Very excellent product

  30. Parth

    Good kit for kids with curiosity

  31. Sam

    Good for keeping Kids Busy

  32. Madhuri

    I gifted this kit to my son. He loves it and plays with the kit

  33. Deepak

    Good Product

  34. Anshul

    I found it as a great product for kids. One of the great learning games that I have got for kids.

  35. Vijayan

    Good product. Recommended for kids above 3 years of age. Some items got over very fast.

  36. Amit

    I will not say too much but it is aa very educative kit my kid also like it u can buy it with a tension free mind..

  37. Nirali

    Good for kids to use one time experiment

  38. Balaji


  39. Sarita

    My kids really loved them
    Kindly buy this only if u can spare some time with kids nd to help them in these experiments if it’s like ye le nd mera picha chood type attitude of yours then kindly look something else.

  40. Kevin

    Without second thoughts go for it. It’s very good with proper instruction book. My son is very happy after doing different experiments.

  41. Priya

    My brother loved it. Good for children use. From child’s pov it’s productive

  42. Jyoti

    No damages. Child friendly. Good gift option for school going boys.

  43. Vaibhav

    Really a gift that anyone would want to gift a child, if you really wanna keep them engrossed in something apart from any screens out there!!

  44. Vaibhavi

    My son 3+ years always asks for this. I don’t regret it at all.

  45. Radha

    My daughter is very happy

  46. Priti

    Our kid is 3 year old
    And he loved it a lot
    He has completed many experiments

  47. Diksha

    The product quality is nice and it increases the experimental thinking of child.

  48. Suyash

    This product is very good and toys are arranged properly.

  49. Rajesh

    The experiments are really engaging for kids. It definitely develops their interest.

  50. Krupa

    It’s really amazing for kids

  51. Monica

    Product is very good . I gift to my niece they really loved it.

  52. Rahul

    It is very good for my Kids

  53. Vijaya

    I Like the product .

  54. Shivani

    A good gift for your child

  55. Kartik

    Very informative , exciting for kids.

  56. Hassan

    My son likes the kit so much thank you for the best kit

  57. Jairam

    The product is useful one. Students can learn easily,

  58. Atul

    Good experiments kit for children.

  59. Sanjay

    Nice item. My son is so excited for getting this.

  60. Tushar

    Child can be kept quiet by giving the kit. Age should be above 3 years

  61. Fatima

    Interesting activity gift for children

  62. Pravin

    Very nice and good product. Good for kids they can get knowledge from this.

  63. Vajrala

    Very nice product. Children will like it for sure.

  64. Sweta

    This is really useful for kids.
    The product we received was well packed and also the items received in good condition.

  65. Saksham

    This is very interesting to my daughter. Easy to understand and safe.

  66. Meena

    Different and a fun thing for your kids

  67. Nita

    Satisfied with the Product

  68. Pratima

    Nice product

  69. Rahul

    Superb my brother loved it

  70. Priyam

    Good for children, they can learn then thing’s with fun

  71. Vishal

    Nice product
    Kids enjoyslot.

  72. Kavita

    It’s fantastic and the kids love it!

  73. Mrunali

    My kid is enjoying

  74. Pragati

    Nice product for school children

  75. Ahmad

    It was a great experience for the kids to experiment and explore the reactions.

  76. Tapas

    Very nice kit for kids

  77. Kinjal

    My daughter like it. Go for it

  78. Sneha

    It’s an interesting game but you have to get involved with the kid

  79. Tejal

    My four year old son really enjoyed playing this game. I think it’s perfect for 3-5 year olds.

  80. Pratigya

    Got it for my 4 years old and she seems to enjoy this.

  81. Priyanka

    My 3 year old has speech problems. So we have ‘talking time’ each day and pull out these cards ( I let him pick one at a time) and we go through them. It’s been working a treat! Happy customer

  82. Sumit

    My four year old son really enjoyed playing this game

  83. Darshan

    I always enjoy products of BrainCells. They have good products, very educative. Super happy with the purchase, myself and my kid too

  84. Rajat

    I would describe this as a good product, fairly well-designed and fairly well-made, but with some minor issues, which may or may not concern every user. I’ll say four stars.

  85. Madhuri

    Really good game. Pictures are fairly clear and there is a wide range of cards

  86. Jade

    These BrainCells kit for Toddlers are a fun way to help young children learn.

  87. Kushal

    Bought this for three year old girl and she loved it! The games are super interactive and kept my little one entertained.

  88. Siddharth

    Lots of creative activity & kids enjoy them a lot.

  89. Priyank

    Very good for distracting children from gaming

  90. Manisha

    Very good product. Clear instructions are given .

  91. Andrew

    Didn’t liked the product packing was not up to the mark

  92. Isha

    Children will like it

  93. Vishal

    It’s very good as it keeps the child engaged and a lot to learn.

  94. Nikita

    Creative experiments for kids
    Very nice product kids are looking it

  95. Vihaan

    When I buy this product it’s nice and doing awesome experience in my kids life

  96. Chris

    My child is 7 year old not useful for big kids

  97. Viraj

    Outstanding 💯 my kiddos are extremely happy while Playing with Dino Box

  98. Shilpa

    Quality is excellent. My Kid loving it

  99. Zehan

    Delivery time was too late

  100. Devansh

    I bought it as a gift for my son. TOTALLY loved it

  101. Nikhil

    Engaging however it was overpriced.

  102. Abhishek

    I bought this for my 2 year old boy and it keeps him engaged for some time.

  103. Rajeshree

    Love this as a gifting option

  104. Shiba

    The quality is poor

  105. Anita

    Liked the design and usage. Colors are also nice

  106. Manoj

    It’s a really fun and intuitive product, your kids will definitely love to play with it

  107. Niru

    Didn’t liked the product that much

  108. Shraddha

    I bought it for my niece as she is almost ready to go to play school. It nice toy to keep them engaged! It was worth the money! Thanks!

  109. Manju

    Very good for kids who want to learn

  110. Urmila

    Quality is good but product was not upto the mark

  111. Nadila

    Product is Good for 2 Year Old

  112. Niharika

    My Kid Loves the Product

  113. Vihaan

    Packing is good but didn’t find product useful

  114. Shadab

    Quality and working performance of this toy is good

  115. Renuka

    Ok to buy

  116. Rahul

    Delivery was not on time

  117. Krishna

    Value for Money

  118. Himanshu

    1 Activity is Missing in Box

  119. Kamla

    Product is Good Highly Recommended

  120. Tejas

    Box was not in Good Condition

  121. Rudra

    my niece loved it

  122. Rajeshree

    Dino Box Helps Kid to Stay Away from Screen

  123. Wasim

    product was not in good condition

  124. Niharika

    Toy is ok

  125. Rajesh

    Productive Toy for Kids.

  126. Riya

    Best Gift for my Daughter

  127. Vicky

    Good for growing kids for learning

  128. Shalini

    Product was not in good condition

  129. Kajal

    Product is good and I really liked doing activities with my kid. Fun and educational activities set, keeps kid occupied and interested for long.

  130. Gayatri

    Some Pieces in the box were missing

  131. Shreyas

    Was looking for a gift for my 3 year old nephew, was having a tough time finding and age appropriate gift, then I stumbled upon this and boy was I glad. Educational toys are in my opinion the best gift, they keep them engaged in activities and also provide some key learnings in a fun manner.

  132. Nikita

    Super Product!!
    Complete value for money and an amazing product for kids to learn, loved it!

  133. Nidhi

    This is one of the best educational toy available in India. I bought it for my niece and nephew and they are really happy and they like assembeling the toy. Will definitely recommend this to my family and friends.

  134. Avanti

    Absolute wastage of money. Purchase a single quality of good item instead. You can assemble these items and most of them are waste. Some items are so dumb that you won’t even try

  135. Nikki

    It is very interesting n innovative way of making kids learn new things. It’s a fun way of learning for kids.

  136. Nyra

    Very difficult to handle as it has lots of small and light weight materials.also puzzles were repeated.we got same 3 puzzle set two times. Overall not much learning for the kid.

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