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Fruits | BrainCells Flashcards | Word Cards for Babies Aged 0-6 | Exploring Nature’s Sweet Delights

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Get ready to embark on a delightful fruity adventure with our ‘Fruits‘ Word Cards, specially designed for your curious little learner, aged 0-6. These captivating 10 word cards introduce your child to the colourful and delicious world of fruits, fostering a love for learning and healthy eating habits. Let’s dive into this exciting journey, discover a variety of fruits, and savour the flavours, where every encounter brings these words to life!


Delightful Language Exploration:

Apple, banana, kiwi! Each word card showcases a different fruit, expanding your little one’s vocabulary and nurturing their language skills. As they learn about these delightful fruits, they’ll also develop their observation and recognition abilities, as well as their ability to categorise and identify various objects. Exploring fruits instills essential life skills, planting the seeds for a lifetime of nutritious choices.


Vibrant Visuals:

Our word cards feature captivating words in a delightful red font, stimulating your child’s visual development and capturing their attention. Your child’s visual memory, photographic memory and processing speed will develop naturally as a result of regular exposure to these visually appealing word cards.


Discovering Nature’s Sweet Treasures:

Explore each word card together with your little one. This interactive experience encourages a sense of wonder and curiosity about nature’s bountiful offerings. Watch as your little one begins to recognize and appreciate a variety of fruits, forming a deeper connection with these natural delights. Their comprehension skills and understanding of the world around them will grow, nurturing their cognitive development.


Cherished Bonding Moments:

Share heartwarming moments of exploration, nurturing a stronger bond and emotional connections. As you discover the delicious world of fruits together, you’ll also be fostering your little one’s emotional intelligence and encouraging healthy eating habits. These shared experiences create a safe and supportive environment for learning, developing their self-confidence and communication skills as they express their preferences and share their newfound knowledge.


Crafted with Love for Little Hands:

Designed with your child’s safety in mind, these Word Cards feature rounded corners and perfect dimensions i.e., 4 x 11 inches, with a slim 0.305 mm of thickness, making them easy for your child’s little hands to hold. The sturdy 300 GSM paper ensures durability, while the non-toxic material and matte finish add a touch of elegance. As your child handles these cards, their fine motor skills will thrive, improving their dexterity and coordination.


How to Use?

Embark on a delightful journey of exploring Fruits with our Word Cards. Here’s how to make the most of this enchanting experience with your little one:


1. Perfect Placement: Find a quiet place where you and your child can explore the cards together. Hold them within your child’s line of sight, making the captivating red words easily visible.

2. Magical Playtime – For Babies Aged 0-1: During tummy time, position your little one face-to-face with the word cards. Witness their excitement as they discover the wonders of nature’s sweetness.

3. Interactive Exploration: Nurture your little one’s inquisitive spirit by encouraging them to touch the cards. Encourage play and engagement by describing each fruit’s unique shape and colour, creating a fun learning adventure.

4. Rotate and Repeat: Keep the fun going by shuffling the cards with each round. As you flash the word cards and read the words aloud, watch the magic unfold in your child’s eyes as they come across each fruit! Repetition reinforces learning and adds excitement to every encounter.

5. Adjustable Duration: Pay attention to your child’s cues and adapt the sessions accordingly. Short, interactive sessions are perfect for their attention span, and you can extend the exploration of fruits as their curiosity grows.


Embark on this fruity adventure with ‘Fruits’ Word Cards. Let the joy of bonding and discovery unfold with your little fruit explorer, nurturing their development in every delicious step of this enriching journey!

Dimensions 10.16 × 27.94 cm

Customers reviews

6 Reviews Write a review
  1. geeta sahadev

    cards are great. print quality is really good. thought there will be more cards. but 10 is good enough.

  2. Payal

    We love the ‘Fruits’ Word Cards! They are a fantastic tool for teaching my 3-year-old about different fruits. The vibrant visuals and easy-to-read words make learning fun and engaging. Highly recommend!

  3. sushant

    Cards Quality could be better otherwise cards are ok

  4. Ganesh

    My baby loves these cards! The bright red words catch his attention, and he gets so excited every time we use them during tummy time. Such a great way to introduce fruits and build vocabulary!

  5. Umesh

    These word cards are amazing! My 5-year-old now recognizes and names so many fruits. It’s incredible to see how quickly she’s learning and retaining the information. Plus, the quality of the cards is top-notch.

  6. Rajesh

    We’ve made these cards part of our daily routine. My little one’s vocabulary has expanded so much, and he’s even started asking for some of the fruits we learn about. Love it!

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