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BrainCells Block Stacker | Ideal for Babies Aged 10 Months & Beyond | Building Towers of Imagination

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Spark Your Little One’s Brilliance: Get the Block Stacker Today for Limitless Learning and Fun!


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Introduce your little one to a world of creativity and exploration with our Block Stacker – a captivating toy designed for babies aged 10 months and beyond. Crafted with care and thoughtfully engineered, this enchanting stacker will become a cherished companion on your baby’s developmental journey, nurturing their imagination and motor skills.

  • Unleash Creative Play : Watch with delight as your baby dives into a world of creative play! The Block Stacker inspires imaginative exploration as your precious child experiments with stacking the colourful blocks of various shapes in different ways. Every moment of building towers is filled with wonder and joy.
  • Stimulating Sensory Delights : Designed with your baby’s sensory development in mind, the Block Stacker becomes a mesmerising tactile playground. Its soothing colours, smooth edges and soft textures captivate your little one’s touch and sight, fostering their cognitive growth and encouraging them to engage in immersive play.
  • A Symphony of Learning : Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills blossom as they grasp and stack each block with care. The Block Stacker nurtures their understanding of size, balance, spatial relationships, problem-solving skills, patience, concentration, language, imagination, creativity, and a sense of accomplishment. Watch your little one’s achievements shine in this magical learning journey!
  • Safe and Sturdy Design : The Block Stacker is more than just a toy; it’s a gateway to endless learning for your little one! The Block Stacker is crafted from premium quality wood ensuring durability and safety. With 6 perfectly sized blocks (reaching 24.8 cm), your little one can explore and play with confidence and joy. 
  • A Gift of Learning and Wonder : Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday? The Block Stacker is an excellent choice! Its educational value, captivating design, and endless play possibilities make it a cherished present that sparks the joy of learning and creativity.

How to Use?

Here’s how to make the most out of our ‘Block Stacker’ for your precious child:

1. Set the Stage:  Choose a safe and clutter-free play area for your baby. Place the Block Stacker within their reach, ensuring they have ample space to build and explore.

2. Nestle your little one: Position your baby, seated with a soft surface below, and introduce them to the world of stacking wonders with the Block Stacker! 

3. Show the Way: Demonstrate how to stack the blocks one on top of the other. Encourage your baby to observe and imitate, showing them the joy of building their own towers.

4. Encourage Exploration: Let your little one’s creativity flourish as they experiment with different arrangements and designs. Celebrate their little achievements, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

5. Bonding Playtime: Play together and join in the fun! Stack blocks side by side with your baby, creating wonderful memories and deepening your bond.

Remember to supervise them during playtime for safety. Discover the wonders of learning and play with the Block Stacker – where imagination soars, skills blossom, and endless joy awaits your little one. Order it today and witness the magic of your precious baby’s developmental journey!


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1 Review Write a review
  1. Shop BrainCells (store manager)

    Nice product. Engaging for my baby, my baby plays with it all day. Good quality.

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