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BrainCells Clacker | Ideal for Babies 4 Months and Beyond | A Symphony of Sensory Exploration

Rolling into Joy, Clacking along the Way: Say Hello to the Clacker, Your Baby’s Playful Crawl Companion Today!


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Introduce your little one to a world of delightful sensory experiences with our Clacker, a premium wooden toy crafted with love and care. Designed to captivate and stimulate young minds, this enchanting toy is the perfect companion for babies aged 4 months and onwards.From visual delights to fascinating clacking sounds, this multi sensory wooden toy will become an integral part of your baby’s playtime.

  • Visual Tracking Wonder :Watch as your baby’s eyes light up with fascination! The Clacker features three slats adorned with vibrant colours, encouraging your little one’s visual tracking and strengthening their focus and attention. As they follow the bright hues, their visual senses will bloom, paving the way for early learning and exploration.
  • Soothing Clacking Harmony: Enchanting sounds fill the air as the Clacker rolls along! The gentle clacking noise produced by this wooden wonder enhances auditory stimulation, delighting your baby’s sense of sound and rhythm. Each roll will have them captivated by the soothing melody, adding a touch of magic to playtime as they try to crawl and follow it, flourishing their motor skills and muscle development.
  • Easy-to-Hold Pillars for Exploration: Designed with your baby’s little hands in mind, the Clacker’s easy-to-hold pillars encourage toy manipulation, allowing them to grasp and explore with ease. As they grip and manipulate the toy, their fine motor skills will blossom, fostering hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Durability Meets Playfulness: Crafted from premium quality wood, our Clacker is perfectly sized at 8 x 12 x 8 cm and ensures durability that will withstand countless hours of play and exploration. Its non-toxic paint coating and sturdy construction guarantees that this toy will be a cherished companion on your baby’s developmental journey.
  • Easy-Clean for Worry-Free Fun: Messy moments are no match for our Clacker! With its simple wipe-clean functionality, keeping this toy in pristine condition is a breeze. You can focus on what truly matters: the joy and wonder your baby experiences with every touch and clack.

How to Use?

Here’s you can make the best out of our Clacker : 

1. Set the Stage: Choose a cozy and safe spot in your room and place the Clacker on a flat, secure surface within your baby’s line of sight. Ensure it is positioned at a safe distance of 8-10 inches from your little one, allowing them to easily interact with it.

2. Position Your Little Star: Lay your baby on their back or let them enjoy some tummy time on a soft and supportive surface. This positioning enables them to observe and reach for the Clacker effortlessly.

3. Discover Together: Bond with your baby during playtime. Encourage them to grasp and roll the Clacker back and forth, creating more captivating sounds and gradually encouraging them to follow its movements.

Let the Clacker become your baby’s favourite sensory companion and let the exploration begin. Watch as your little one uncovers the symphony of sensory wonders! Order yours now and witness the joy it brings to their developmental journey.

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