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ilearnngrow Diwali DIY Rangoli Kit – Set Of Five Stencil


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Elevate your festive celebrations with our expansive DIY Rangoli Kit, a complete set designed to add a touch of artistry and tradition to your home. This kit includes five meticulously crafted stencils – Ganesh ji, traditional, peacock, flower, and a diya, eight vibrant rangoli colors, and three decorative diyas.

Key Features:

Diverse Stencil Selection: Our kit offers a range of stencils including the auspicious Ganesh ji, a traditional design, a graceful peacock, a delicate flower, and a diya. This allows you to create a variety of rangoli patterns, each holding its own cultural significance.
Eight Rangoli Colors: Choose from a palette of eight vivid and festive colors to infuse your rangoli with vibrancy and creativity, adding a personal touch to your artistic creation.
Decorative Diyas: Included in the kit are three beautifully designed diyas, perfect for illuminating your rangoli and adding a warm, inviting ambiance to your space.

Traditional Elegance: Create stunning pieces of traditional Indian art that not only decorate your home but also hold cultural and spiritual significance.
Festive Celebration: Rangoli-making is an integral part of Indian festivals and occasions. This kit allows you to participate in this cherished tradition with ease and flair.
Artistic Expression: Unleash your creativity and design unique rangoli patterns that reflect your personal style and celebration.
Auspicious Symbolism: The inclusion of various stencils adds a spiritual touch, invoking blessings, prosperity, and beauty into your home.

Prepare the Surface:
Choose a clean, flat surface where you’d like to create the rangoli. It could be at the entrance of your home or in a designated festive area.
Select Stencil:
Choose from the five stencils provided in the kit – Ganesh ji, traditional, peacock, flower, or diya. Each offers its own unique design.
Place the Stencil:
Position the selected stencil securely on the surface. You may use a bit of tape to hold it in place.
Select Colors:
Choose from the eight rangoli colors provided in the kit. Feel free to mix and blend colors to achieve the desired shades.
Fill in the Design:
Use the colors to fill in the stencil design, creating a visually appealing rangoli pattern. Take your time and enjoy the process.
Add the Diyas:
Place the diyas at strategic points within the rangoli design. This will not only enhance the visual appeal but also add a warm, inviting glow.
Display and Celebrate:
Once completed, display your rangoli proudly. Light the diyas during festive celebrations to bring a sense of warmth and joy to your home.

Box Contains : 5 Stencil, 8 rangoli colors, 3 diya (Acrylic Stencil and Organic Rangoli colors)

Ages – 3-6 Years


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